Di bawah lampion kuning

Di bawah lampion-lampion kuning. Tawamu bahagia di atas pilu. Isi perutmu telah teraduk rata di usus. Bergolak lama dan panjang seperti kisah yang kaututurkan. Malam ini malam Senin. Kau mengeluh untuk kesekian kali. Tawamu bahagia.


Simple Smile, Fading Away

Title: Simple Smile, Fading Away
Genre: Friendship, Life, slight!Angst. Writer!AU
Started on: July 19th 2014
Ended on: July 31st 2014
Words count: 6100+
Special for: | Fearless B | A Malay One-shot Contest

Summary: The forgotten dream, exhausting work, and long lost passion; it only needs a simple happiness to change all of them.


“My wish is to be friend with the person I adore the most. And since you made things that inspire me the most, you become that person.”

“I want people to recognize my works. That was my dream when I was starting off. Maybe I had done too much that I forgot how it feels to dream. All of this is just a work for me. A job.”

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