Dimulai; Abadi (1/2)

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dimulai; abadi poster

written by amusuk

Cast: Baekhyun, Chanyeol | Genre: Friendship, Family | Rating: PG-13 | Length: Twoshot (1/2)

Ada yang aku mulai dan tak ingin kuakhiri.

a/n: written for WhitePingu95. Ini pertama kalinya aku nulis satu chapter sepanjang ini setelah sekian lama (haha) makasih buatmu.

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Simple Smile, Fading Away

Title: Simple Smile, Fading Away
Genre: Friendship, Life, slight!Angst. Writer!AU
Started on: July 19th 2014
Ended on: July 31st 2014
Words count: 6100+
Special for: | Fearless B | A Malay One-shot Contest

Summary: The forgotten dream, exhausting work, and long lost passion; it only needs a simple happiness to change all of them.


“My wish is to be friend with the person I adore the most. And since you made things that inspire me the most, you become that person.”

“I want people to recognize my works. That was my dream when I was starting off. Maybe I had done too much that I forgot how it feels to dream. All of this is just a work for me. A job.”

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Dunia yang Kau Impikan

Title: Dunia yang Kau Impikan
Character(s): Kuraginn, Kurewa.
Rating: K
Genre: Friendship/Brothership
Disclaimer: I don’t own Gunnhildr. Gunnhildr©MazJojo. No profit made from this fictional work.
Warning: a little bit fluff!
a/n: Hello, this is actually my second fanfic for FFO, and coincidentally my second too on fb, haha, I cross-posted it (…again). I decide to write a fanfiction of an Indonesian comic I’ve ever read, and still like it very much up till now, entitled “Gunnhildr”. And I’m gonna post this in Indonesian. Enjoy~!



“Seandainya kamu ada di sini saat ini, akan kupersembahkan dunia yang baru ini untukmu!”

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