Cry like a fool

This was getting ridiculous. Every time I closed my eyes, I saw my classmate and I, going yhrough some ridiculous yet scary scenario. A man grabbed me and made me hold a gun. And then he asked one of my friend to stand some meters in front of me. He then asked me to choose who did I want to shoo. I don’t want to shoot anyone. Time was ticking like forever. In the end I dropped the gun along with myself; torn and crying.
When I opened my eyes, I cried so much. It was nightmare.
I don’t understand. It wasn’t even real so why can’t I stop crying?

Tutorial: Trial & Error

T U T O R I A L  :

—A Rune Factory fanfiction
by Amusuk

Micah, Sara, Raven. K+. Parody. Oneshot

a/n: an old fanfic of mine. i wrote this on 2011 and published it on FFN, now cross-posting it here without editing. hope you enjoy~!

CTAARR/BUMPP… Shara heard a sound along with the thunder scream. She came out from house and saw an unconscious wooly on the way in front of her house. “My, where did she come from?” Without thinking twice, she dragged the wooly into her house forcefully.  Continue reading

Simple Smile, Fading Away

Title: Simple Smile, Fading Away
Genre: Friendship, Life, slight!Angst. Writer!AU
Started on: July 19th 2014
Ended on: July 31st 2014
Words count: 6100+
Special for: | Fearless B | A Malay One-shot Contest

Summary: The forgotten dream, exhausting work, and long lost passion; it only needs a simple happiness to change all of them.


“My wish is to be friend with the person I adore the most. And since you made things that inspire me the most, you become that person.”

“I want people to recognize my works. That was my dream when I was starting off. Maybe I had done too much that I forgot how it feels to dream. All of this is just a work for me. A job.”

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Does a feather remember it once was a bird?
Does a book remember it once was a word?
Does an ocean remember it once was rain?
Does bread remember it once was grain?
Does a statue remember it once was stone?
Does love remember it once was new?
Does work remember it once was play?

–Once Upon a Memory, Nina Laden

can’t anybody make me fics from these quotes?