just some things


i want to cry.
suck with talk, better text. so grateful.

so my mind had been filled with nothing but bad things for a while already. it affects my life a great deal. my mind knows what’s wrong and what to do but my do is too cowardice to do so. kinda hate myself for that.

and for every bad things that i thought would happen once i put in on text, i didn’t expect to get such response.
i really want to cry.

well i’m crying as i’m typing this.

someone i thought of so lightly, who knows that they were great people who is kind and being considerate.

i’ve just realized that i’m surrounded with great people. i’ve been taking it for granted. i’m really sad and guilty.

i’m telling myself “why couldn’t you be braver?”, i felt like trash. how to be strong really?


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