Our 2016 Chorus Project – Snow Fairy Story (Kisah Peri Salju) is now on YouTube!

It’s finally out!
I’m really really glad. It was quite a struggle on December last year because everyone was hectic so this supposed-to-be New Year Project was delayed, and yesterday we finally upload it. It was my first time collaborating many people for the first time. And this time, it’s my first time organizing a chorus too so I’m super happy when the project’s finally done for real!
There are 8 singers, 2 illustrator, and 1 animator in this project. Tuning and translyric was done by me. Mixing and mastering by chocochino.
Hopefully we can do another collaboration again in the future ^o^

Watch the video here https://youtu.be/q72Kw9j2hPM
Audio version here: https://soundcloud.com/ga7auers/8snow-fairy-story-kisah-peri-saljuindonesian-ver


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