Rivetra fic masterlist

A Sad Formality by FrantheAnne

Levi delivers some sad news.

Against the Night by contra-nocte

I read this and then I couldn’t stop thinking about how Levi’s probably a cuddler and he’s probably a sleep cuddler too and then it turned into this. Petra POV.

All Mine by Nonsense_Shit

Levi is possessive, extremely possessive.

Alone by scorchedtrees

She should not have lived, but she did, and someday she will have to pay the price. AU: Petra survives the fight with the female Titan. Rivetra.

Are You Happy? by knightswhosay

Vignettes of Levi and Petra through time. The four times it doesn’t work out and the one time it does.

As Long As I’m Breathing Tomorrow by aliencereal

“One of you is coming home,” Levi announces, his tone somewhere between conversational and authoritative. Bizarrely, in that moment, Petra believes him. –Hunger Games! AU

Beyond by pensivebanana

Levi dies and awakens in a strange paradise where he lives out the future he’d secretly wanted.

Blind AU by liedehrone-worte

An AU where Levi is blind.

Brightspark by contra-nocte

This is an Angel!AU. It’s much nicer to write AUs for these guys than anything else, because then they can actually have a happy ending.

Caffeine by Komeko-chan

california to new york by rivetraswap

They both are a silent for a while, the only sound being the occasional car driving by his house. Levi really does miss her; it’s been so long since they last saw each other in person. With him in New York and Petra in California, it gets lonely sometimes.
(More like all the time.)

Did You Hear by Madin456

Domestic by pensivebanana

That awkward moment when you catch your Captain and Squadmate “having a domestic” over you.

Five Times Levi Was There, and One He Wasn’t by erlkonig

Five times Levi was there for Petra, as a friend, a captain and a lover, and one time that he wasn’t there at all.

Flower Crown by 4_star_daydream

When Humanity’s Strongest is presented a flower crown by his daughter, naturally he would do what any father would; wear it.

Flower Crowns by rivetrasquad

Freezing Desire by Nonsense_Shit

What Petra wants, Petra gets.

Future Memories by pwoutagonist

Rivaille is a P.E teacher and Petra is a classics teacher. AU Modern School.

Good Luck by pwoutagonist

Rivaille’s squad survives. Rivaille and Petra get married. Petra is pregnant.

Harvey by erlkonig

Petra comes home with a puppy. Levi is not impressed.

Heartless by sinemoras09

A story about a hero [Levi, others; Background Petra x Levi; character death; spoilers ch 28 on]

Hearth by pensivebanana

Petra wakes up after the encounter with the female titan and finds her Captain beside her. Fluff ensues.

I’m Home by pwoutagonist

Rivaille goes back to the forest on a mission with his new squad. He sees something surreal.

It’s a Promise by teargarden_dreams

It was drilled into Petra’s head that she didn’t need a man to survive by the age of ten. A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle, her mother had told her more than once. Yet here she was, less than three hours from being married to a man she’d met just months ago at an Air Force base in England. Her mother (and all her favorite feminist icons) would be so very proud…

Just to Feel You by 2733me

Slightly inspired by ‘Familiar Taste of Poison’ by Halestorm.

little things by ilydaa

five moments in levi’s life that are harder to forget than others.

Not Sorry by pensivebanana

Levi tending to an injured Petra.

One Last Night by CT-Sophie

One Sweet Love by Queen-of-Chains

Petra Remembers by knightswhosay

While Petra fights the female Titan in the forest beyond Wall Rose, her life flashes before her eyes. She remembers her life with the military, from her training to joining the Special Operations Squad, from only knowing Levi’s name to knowing his life story.

Rivetra AU by rivetraswap

Rivetra Exchange Secret Santa by rivetraswap

Rivetra Secret Santa Gift by the-bark-is-worse

second chances by ilydaa

Somehow, he gets the feeling that he’s known her for a long, long time. [Levi/Petra], reincarnation AU.

Sleep Paralysis by pensivebanana

Petra and Levi have been reincarnated and Petra remembers her past life as a soldier in the scouting legion.

Sleepwalking by RationallyParanoid

No one openly discussed the strange happenings of the world around them. It was completely normal to be off the streets by 10am. It was expected that one morning you might find a bleeding, thumping heart on your windowsill. You just never spoke about it, or Them. But Petra? Well, she went looking for it.

Sometimes by Madin456

Summer Storm

A collection of short fics, prompt fills, drabbles, and vignettes depicting stolen moments between Levi and Petra Ral.

Sweat for It by Island_of_Reil

“You can mow down titans like the Grim Fucking Reaper, you can ride me just a little longer.”

The Absence of Starlight by scorchedtrees

A collection of drabbles and ficlets featuring Levi and Petra. Includes prompts from Rivetra Week.

The Heart of the Matter by thewordsthatweareneeding

“Shut up!”
All eyes turned from their food to look at Petra, who stood with balled fists and burning red cheeks over a stunned looking Auruo. The table between them was dripping with spilled soup, an overturned bowl still dully spinning to a stop.
The small girl looked around briefly at the faces turned towards her before inclining her head down and storming away.
“What did you say to her?” someone called over to Auruo.
The man shrugged, too quickly and too defensively for the gesture to be honest, and threw his hands up in forced defeat. “I dunno.”

The Learning Curve by hugoGrant

Levi thought he knew himself. [Levi x Petra]. Teacher AU – some references to the 104th corps.

The Ties that Bind by Livewire3

Contrary to popular belief, Levi wasn’t a cold and heartless killing machine. He was only human and the world be damned if he wasn’t allowed to grieve for his team. For her.

Toxicity by Gentledeceit

–and sometimes? The demons won.

Truth or Dare? by rivetrasquad

What happens when the SOS, including Eren and his friends, along with Hanji, Erwin, and Moblit play Truth or Dare?

Vulnerable by pensivebanana

In all her life, Petra prepared herself for many struggles. She perfected the art of lying to her father and smiling at the same time. She’d learned how to avoid becoming bitter at having to escape still hot beds in the middle of the night. She knew how to grieve fallen comrades, how to swallow down fear in combat. She’d learned to stop expecting too much in the way of a future.

we flew too close to the sun by cyndaquils

Levi, Petra, and the many lives they lived after the Scouting Legion — levipetra reincarnation au

what you cannot escape

He thinks he’d sooner tear Kaney to shreds than let him so much as lay a finger on her.

While All The Vultures Feed by RationallyParanoid

A story about homicide detectives, grouchy tattoo artists, intrusive co-workers, and really bad coffee. Rating subject to change. AU. UNDER RECONSTRUCTION

wings and things by kyouko

She is a bird with broken, bleeding, shattered wings.

note: will be updated :)

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