Stay Strong EXO! The best Leader Suho!

Stay Strong Suho!


How handsome SUHO

Suho is the longest members who had training period. He practicedfor sevenyears and finally able to do his debut.


Hemettwelveboyswhoeventuallybecamehis brotherthan justa team mate.


Healwaysworkedhardandevenproposed tomakeExo saranghaja!astheir slogan.


EXOis thebestnameever inhis life. AgiftgiventoGodfor himandtwelvebrothersat his side.


Heis believedto leadhis teamwithKris.


Leading Tenpeoplewithdifferent personalitiesis difficult, but he hold it andcontinue to work hard.

BHOq6nkCYAAR9Bb.jpg large

Suho is a Guardian who always trying to smile outside while feeling the pain.


Fans called him as Grandpa because he nag alot. Esp to Baekhyun, Chanyeol and Sehun who has playful side.


He comfort every members and take care of them well. He can’t…

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