OMO: Take Me With You Sogyeokdong! – [Seo Taiji x IU’s SOGYEOKDONG MV Review]

Try A Little KPop

Five words; Effervescent, Nostalgic, Magical, Breathtaking,  AMAZING!


KPop is into electro this past months and sometimes it does not easily work with your ears. We all have the impression that KPop is a bit of a mile away from your normal electropop and if KPop does release an electro-related stuff, they kind of soften it a bit to suit the general KPop taste and this one is somehow on the soft side and I think Sogyeodong being on the synthpop side of the range is definitely helping the song to mold into the general KPop taste and I think that’s a good thing. Not all people will easily say that they like this electro track or that electro track. Electro is very specific when it comes into choosing its own audience but Sokgyeokdong being the synth it is, is not really that hard to…

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