Title: Untitled 1
Pairing: Chen/?
Genre: Slice of Life
Rating: K+
Length: Drabble


The azure sky is enchanting in its expand. A pair of dark brown iris watch as the almost transparent clouds move, inch by inch until they disappear in the corner. The only window there was adorned with strips of metal. The shadows paint the man’s face with shade that is too dark to not reflect his soul. The darkness have pulled him from the inside.

A loud tap of shoes stops by the door and a voice calls out his name.
“Food, Chen.”

Chen turns to see a pair of worried eyes behind the door. A plate full of food is already on the floor. He can hear the other man sigh before he leave.

There can’t be something in those eyes, Chen thinks as he downs his food.

And then he goes back to the window, after putting the plate at its original place, to the sky that start to lose its azure.


a/n: seriously I can’t think of any title for this drabble but at least I write something right? u.u Writing’s becoming harder nowadays *rolling on the floor*


2 thoughts on “

  1. Amu! Still remember me? I’ve changed username :D Now that I’ve done my internship, I’ve plenty of time to read. And here I am browsing through your blog contents to search for something interesting to read. This is just the second story that I’ve read but I’m already in love with your writing talent! One thing I realize about your writing skill is that you’re really good in describing the situation/environment while I am the exact opposite. It’ll be a long journey for me to reach your level. I hope someday you can publish a book and I want to be the first person to buy it. Seriously. This is a good read. Thanks for sharing your works! Off I go to read more. :D

    Keep up the good work Amu!

    P/s: I hope to see more of your drawing in FB :D

    • Hi, Kak Kiwi! :D
      Awww, thank you so much for your lovely comment <3 Though I don’t feel like I deserved the praise (yet).
      This is a drabble from last year, and I haven’t write so much this year so I doubt my skill improved……if not withering…… lol
      Thank you for the wish, I really appreciate it and wish it will come true someday when I’m clear with current priorities. Thank you, Kak ^^

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