I Can’t Stop

clock - drabble 5

Title: I Can’t Stop
Pairing: Kai/Tao
Genre: Romance
Rating: K+
Length: Drabble


“Why don’t you stop and rest, Tao? Time will always move without you watching over it. Why wasting time?”

Tao doesn’t try to break the silent, however.

Kai knows well that Tao is the Great Time Controller but he always wonder why Tao kept running with time, in time, watching over it close.

Kai doesn’t know that he’s the reason why.

Because even when Tao did stop the time, Kai will always be out of his reach because time and space cannot stop him. And if Tao stops now, he’s not sure how far Kai will go, further from his reach. He cannot stop, he cannot rest.

Tao can’t catch him, but he won’t let him go too faraway. Is it wrong?



a/n: it supposed to be color theme but.. well, at least I write something today =A=


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