White Vow in 1-3-4

for drabble no.4
Title: White Vow in 1-3-4
Pairing: Kris/IU
Genre: Romance
Rating: K+
Lenght: Drabble


It takes one year for Kris to say that he’s fallen in love with Jieun.

It takes one more year for them to distrust each other.

And it takes another year to break up totally.

But one more year is enough to teach them how painful when a soul is apart into two.

Thus in that year too Kris asks Jieun to meet him on the park, just like three years ago. And Jieun is the first to have a tear rolling down her cheeks because he bows, he kneels, he opens a heart-shaped box and points it at her and says: “Will you be mine forever?”



a/n: yippie, fourth drabble this year! and I intentionally used Jieun instead of IU because it sounds better and looks neat. Maybe I’ll use ‘IU’ someday when I make a sci-fi fic =w=


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