It’s Simple

Pink Rose Wallpapers 2

Title: It’s Simple
Pairing: Kris/Tao
Rating: K+
Genre: Romance
Length: Drabble


Kris finds a blushing pink rose on the dining table this morning, but he doesn’t see the cause of his annoyance anywhere.

“Gosh, did he run away right after giving me this? Kid!” Oh, but all of his good friends know how much is his feeling to a certain kid. “Geez, why pink though? Isn’t there any other color? Did he think I’m not masculine enough that I got pink?” And Kris starts blabbering incoherently in the morning. Fortunately, not too long when he hears the front door creaked.

“I’m home,” Kris can hear that soft, barely audible voice clearly. Before too late, Kris step out of the kitchen and speaks, making Tao look up in confusion.

“Tao. What the hell did you give me? Why a pink rose?”

Another side of Kris that only Tao can see.

Seeing his boyfriend frowns like, seriously, it’s just pink and it’s still a rose, Tao walks up to him, smiling softly.

“Idiot,” he cups his cheeks. “Pink means an uncomplicated love, you dumb, but damn I love you.” He gives him his morning kisses.

And as always, dumb Kris knows well how to enjoy the morning just a little bit more than a kiss.




a/n: ahaa, my first drabble project! wrote this just minutes after the TV finished countdown to 2014. Happy new year, every one! Hope you have a better path and way, leading to a better future. :)


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