365 Drabbles Project


Actually I got this in mind for quite some times, but then I was so busy with hectic college life and others. I pushed them to the back of my mind until I can’t really remember them, until now.

I think I’m just afraid that I won’t be as consistent as I want to be, hell, I know perfectly that I’m imperfect but inside of my body there is something called perfectionist that makes me wonder about the possibility or… maybe I’m just over-worried :’)

Now I’m trying to tell myself to not worry about that silly little thing, how about just do it? Who knows until you did it, right?

Okay, so I’m blabbering incoherently now, but the point is, I will try to take this as a new challenge, new way to learn writing by writing consistently, not just write when I’ve got the inspiration because inspiration doesn’t come everytime.

I won’t make a tight schedule or a list full of prompt or what, I think I’m just going to make a theme for each month so I can write freely based on a larger area to dwell with.

Starting from January, hmm, what should I write? Ah, I know. Let’s start it with a simple list.


January: Colors

February: Animals

March: Plants

April: Jokes

May: Education

June: Mail

July: Present

August: Independence day

September: Happiness (all fluuuffy things maybe)

October: Sadness

November: Writer!AU

December: Aurora in the sky


Okay, it’s done -it’s actually just random words popping in my mind less than one minute, ha- let’s see if I can do this. Fighting!

Inspired by:
blog by Asih-eonnie 
blog by Asha-eomma

photo is mine


Have fun commenting.

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