Here is the interview of Jason, or Nichi as in his alias, about how he started the amazing site of :



Name: Jason
DOB: 08/21/1988
Contact information: admin (AT)
Online aliases: Nichi
Forums most,
Completed fics: N/A
Current fics: N/A
Additional information: I love food. My favorite type of food right now is Korean but you can never go wrong with Japanese either. Korean dishes I almost always order are either yook hwe or gob dol bibim bap and I’m always craving Japanese sashimi. I watch a lot of anime and Japanese dramas. I like dramas by Kimura Takuya and Abe Hiroshi while Kamenashi Kazuya dramas are pretty good now too. I like a few girls like Aragaki Yui and Erika Toda but it seems like there are new girls every year. People seem to always ask me what nationality I am. I’m half Japanese and half Chinese but I don’t look like either. I am the admin and creator of so I’m…

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