Sunday Afternoon

[poster] Sunday Afternoon

Title: Sunday Afternoon
Pairing: Kris/IU
Rating: K
Genre: Family, Fluff (?)
Length: Short Oneshot (>500 words)
Summary: Just a short meaningless fic about Kris and IU’s family.



He sees the cloud drifting fast between shades of blue and purple. A breeze follows. He closes his eyes and reminds himself to bring lavender tomorrow because she likes them, and she smells the most fragrant of lavender. He opens his eyes, to find the face of the girl he loves the most, in a chamber of his heart, still beautiful as ever.

“Daddy, why are you smiling?”

Upon hearing the high-pitched, child-like voice, Kris turns to look down at the young girl sitting on the grass by his side, eyeing him with curious eye. “Nope. Do you want to go back home?” He puts his long arms around her petite body–just like her mother’s–and shares his warmth in this cool breeze of spring.

“Not really, but isn’t it bad, us going to this beautiful place without asking mother? Mother might like this place, too,” she says while trying to freed herself from Kris’ embrace and turns to look at the great lake in front of them. They watch as the lake is sparkling with dots of light from the sun, and colored with shades of aquamarine and little perks of violet, just like the sky but more elegantly because the water revolves, and it has occasional small waves on the surface caused by the wind.

“Yeah, I know she’ll love this place, Hyunbi.”

They then go back home. Kris holds the tiny hand of his daughter gently, afraid of breaking them and hurting her. Laughter and giggle are all scattered on their way home. Kris is never one to make a good joke but Hyunbi laughs at every bit of joke her dad throws nonetheless. She loves how her dad stays silent for a good seconds after throwing his joke, before they laugh out loud.

“What is so funny? What are you talking about that I can hear your laughter from afar,” IU raises an eyebrow to the both of them when they finally get home.

Hyunbi hugs her mother and smiles ear to ear, “No, Mom. Hee-hee. It’s just… Dad is so lame!”


Kris cut it, “Never mind, IU. We’re hungry from the walk,” he says.

IU sighs with the purest smile he adores so much, “I’ve made lunch for us, and blueberry juice, too.”

Their daughter squeals and they giggle.

They have their lunch in peace. The fragrant of lavender filling in the house, sound of giggles, tinks of spoon and fork on plates, and a breeze follows, bringing in the breath of spring into the house in which the happy family of Kris and IU lives in.


a/n: wut wut it’s supposed to be WAFF but I don’t think so


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