iu chat shire teaser

This is my personal blog. I will only post my works here but before you start your very own journey through the jumble of my writing–which is mostly containing word vomit, there are things you should take notes in mind:

  1. Every character/idol’s name in my fan fictions is used without permission from the idol or the entertainment. No copyright infringement intended. Any errors are mine.
  2. Do not copy-paste anything from this blog on another sites. You can do so by clicking “reblog” button on top.
  3. This blog is 100% contains what the owner want to post without any limitation (mostly about writing & fanfiction, though).
  4. The last but not least, have fun exploring my small and cloistered haven.

7 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Amu, is that you singing “The Name of Life?” If I didn’t scroll down then I wouldn’t really know that it’s a cover song by you. You have a soothing soft voice. I love it. You have so many talents :D

    • Yeah. Lol 8))))
      Tbh I just like to sing some japanese or korean song (people called them “utaite”) despite having no such skill. lol. Just sing to heart content and tada! Haha. Glad if someone likes it ^^ Actually it’s just that I’m bored easily so I need various distractions, from reading, writing, drawing, singing–anything. So, yeah, it’s a product of my life escapades tbh /shot
      Thank you, Kaak >///////<

      • Still you have a better voice than me. Haha I love singing too but my voice is too piercing that I can’t stand listening to my own voice. I should learn how to control it. :P

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